What is Slippage & Trade Execution? How To Reduce Slippage Forex Trading

What Is Slippage? Slippage Definition What is slippage in trading? It refers to situations where the quoted trade price is different to the price that the trade is executed at. There are several reasons for slippage to occur. Slippage mostly occurs in highly volatile situations. These include large volumes of market orders which can alterContinue reading “What is Slippage & Trade Execution? How To Reduce Slippage Forex Trading”


There’s been some very interesting headlines in financial markets this week, and it can be difficult focusing on the important facts through all the noise. Let’s have a look over what has happened in the markets this week! BTCUSD TAKES A DIVE ON HEADLINES Bitcoin has taken a large tumble this week, testing support atContinue reading “FINANCIAL NEWS – HOT TAKE 23.04.2021”

USDCHF Selling To Start Week, Supports Remain

For this trading week (19.04.21-23.04.21) my pick was USDCHF, believing the major forex pair is both technically and fundamentally positioned for upside. The Swissie has started the week with a large sell off, closing Mondays trading 0.58% down. I believe price is still primed for the downside. The daily 61.8% fibo level remains as aContinue reading “USDCHF Selling To Start Week, Supports Remain”


My pick of the week this week is the USDCHF. I anticipate some upside on this pair throughout this week. Both fundamental analysis and technical analysis paints a picture indicative of upside on this major forex symbol. Why – Technical Analysis Confluences First let’s discuss the technical analysis suggesting the pair may have some upside. Continue reading “USDCHF – PICK OF THE WEEK 19.04.21”

Forex Trading – How Much To Risk On A Trade

One of the hottest topics for forex traders is risk management. Are you risking too much, too little or the right amount?  As with most questions in the forex industry there is no set answer. Some traders will insist that you should never risk more than 3% a trade, and whilst this may ring trueContinue reading “Forex Trading – How Much To Risk On A Trade”

The Best Way To Trade Forex – Timeframes, Technical or Fundamental, Discretionary or Systematic Trading?

With the introduction of electronic trading making access to global markets available at the click of a button, there have never been so many different types of trading conducted in the financial markets. So how can you choose the right trading style for you? Read on to hear about some different styles of trading andContinue reading “The Best Way To Trade Forex – Timeframes, Technical or Fundamental, Discretionary or Systematic Trading?”

How To Get Started Trading Forex

Getting started in trading forex can seem extremely difficult; there are so many different things you have to learn about. Whether it is how to know if a forex broker is for you, figuring out what all the different forex terms & jargon mean, or simply placing your first trade, getting started trading forex canContinue reading “How To Get Started Trading Forex”